About Us

St. Peter’s Bay Campground is located at 5890 on Highway #2, in the picturesque community of St. Peter’s Bay on a 17-acre plot of land. It is situated adjacent to the Confederation Trail and overlooking the beautiful St. Peter’s Bay. We are also within an 8km drive to the Greenwich National Park with all the splendor and beauty of nature in this area. Read More…

We are open from June 15th – September 19th, 2020.

Our Facilities

Campground Pool

The St. Peter's Park Campground offers for a fee 2 pools for campers with change rooms and washrooms.

Canteen and Laundry

Campers will find 2 clean laundry facilities with washing machines, dryers and tables for folding laundry on either end of the park and a canteen with ice and firewood.


We pride ourselves on maintaining clean washrooms for our campers.